Manchester CIPA Foundation Lectures

As you may know, the CIPA Informals foundation lecture series is currently ongoing on Monday evenings from now until June, and they are streamed live each week via webinar for those outside London to tune in.

There has been interest from trainees here in Manchester to use this as an opportunity to arrange a regular informal meetup to get together for a chat and watch the streamed lectures. If you’d be interested in coming along for any of the lectures, please email and, and I will set up a mailing list.

FYI, the upcoming lecture timetable:

  • 04 February – Priority (TBC)
  • 11 February – Biotech Patents
  • 18 February – Claim Construction & Scope of Protection (TBC)
  • 25 February – Amendments
  • 05 March – EPC
  • 11 March – Renewals Reinstatements and Restitution
  • 18 March – Infringement
  • 25 March – Ownership and Entitlement
  • 01 April – Basic English Law (TBC)
  • 08 April – Unitary Patents (TBC)
  • 15 April – Computer Patents (TBC)
  • 23 April – Attacking Patents (TBC)
  • 29 April – Introduction to Copyright (TBC)
  • 07 May – Security Provisions (TBC)
  • 13 May – Company & Contract Law (TBC)
  • 20 May – Agreements Relating to Patents (TBC)
  • 28 May – IP and Competition Law (TBC)
  • 03 June – Introduction to Trade Marks (TBC)
  • 10 June – PCT (TBC)
  • 17 June – US Patent Law (TBC)
  • 24 June – Introduction to Design Rights (TBC)

Cassie, NW Sec


Tutorials Dates Summary – 25/1/19 – *EQE Tutorial also available*

Thanks to everyone who messaged in with offers of hosting tutorials! A summary of the current tutorials schedule can be found below:


  • FD1 2018 – London on 12 June 2019 at 6 pm (in person only) (hand in work by 27th May)


  • FD2 2012 – Leeds (venue TBC) on 13 Feb at 1pm (in person preferred, telephone possible) (hand in work by 6 Feb)
  • FD2 2018 – Manchester on 3 June 2019 at 3pm (in person and via TC) (hand in work by 30 April 2019)
  • FD2 2018 – London on 12 Aug 2018 at 5:30pm (in person only) (hand in work by 1 Aug)


  • FD3 2008 – London on 5 June 2019 at 6pm (in person only) (hand in work by 22nd May).
  • FD3 2017 – London on 8 August 2019 at 3:30 pm (in person only) (hand in work by 18th July)


  • FD4 2017 – Birmingham on 8 May 2019 at 10am (in person only) (hand in work by 15th April 2019)
  • FD4 2017 – London on 26th June 2019 at 6pm (in person only) (hand in work by 26th May 2019)
  • FD4 2015 – London (venue TBC) on 18 Sep 2019 at 6pm (in person only) (hand in work by 4 Sep)


  • EQE Paper D 2018 – London on 7 Feb 2019 at 2pm (in person only) (hand in work by 1 February 2019)
  • EQE Paper A 2011 (Chemical) – Oxford on 15 February 2019 at 6pm (in person or via TC) (hand in work by 8 February 2019)


If you wish to get involved, please email our tutorial coordinator Khushbu (

In order to participate in the tutorial scheme, you must organise at least one tutorial yourself. Accordingly, this is the right time to give a little nudge to your supervisors/colleagues to take part in these tutorials so that you can benefit from them.

Happy studying!

2019 UK/EQE Tutorials!

adult blur books close up

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Dear trainees,

We are restarting our Tutorial Scheme for the trainees who are on the verge of sitting their final exams.

In order to participate in this scheme, you must organise at least one tutorial yourself. Accordingly, this is the right time to give a little nudge to your supervisors/colleagues to take part in these tutorials so that you can benefit from them.

For more details, please click here for all current tutorial openings.

To participate in the tutorial scheme, please email our tutorial coordinator Khushbu (

Happy Studying!


CIPA Informal Team 2019

2020 Pre-EQE Registration Deadline

Please note that all trainees who will be eligible to sit the Pre-EQE exam on the 16th March 2020 (trainees who by that date have at least two years of experience are eligible) are required to register their training with the EPO by 15th January 2019. Please see the following link for more information. (

Only candidates who have registered will be eligible to enrol for the Pre-EQE exam from 1st February – 30th April 2019 (

P.S. We hope you all had a great Christmas break 🙂

Manchester Social – Wednesday 12th December!

Where: Brew Dog, 35 Peter St, Manchester M2 5BG

When: Wednesday 12th December, 6pm onwards

Come along on Wednesday 12 December for some drinks and general festivities. We’ll be reserving a space around 6pm at BrewDog, and may take a dander through the Christmas markets afterwards if people are feeling adequately festive. Come and have a free beer on CIPA and meet some fellow trainees!

Although you’ll be more than welcome impromptu on the night, if you can please let me know on if you’re thinking about coming along for a bit, just so we have a rough idea of numbers.

Manchester Socials Mailing List

If you can’t make this one, or if you can and just want to be kept in the loop about any further events going on, email me at and I will add you to the Manchester Informals mailing list.


Cassie, NW sec

Edinburgh Informals Social – Friday 26th Oct 2018

Edinburgh Informals eventWhen: Friday 26th October, 6pm

Where: The Mad Hatter, 8 Torphichen Pl, Edinburgh EH3 8DU

The next Edinburgh Informals event is to be held on Friday 26 October at The Mad Hatter.  The table is booked from 6pm onwards but don’t worry if you’re coming from Glasgow (or beyond) and will take a little longer to get there – we’ll save you a seat. Come along for a drink and a chance to relax, you’ve earned it!

Host a Patent Examiner! – 2018/2019

The Informals Committee is happy to announce the opening of the annual trainee patent examiner hosting event. This will be the fourth annual running of the event, and based on feedback, it has become very popular amongst the IP community.

The IPO intends to send trainee patent examiners on day-long visits to patent attorneys in private practice and in-house departments. The aim of this event is to mirror the annual CIPA Informals event and allow trainee patent examiners to gain insight into the day-to-day activities of a patent attorney. This event is also a great opportunity for patent attorneys to show patent examiners what happens on the patent prosecution side.

The visits are scheduled to take place any time from November 2018 to the end of March 2019. Once examiners (in groups of up to 6) have been allocated to an attorney firm then they will be in touch to arrange the best time for a visit to take place.

Firms and in-house IP departments can sign up by emailing their details to (Please include: name of organisation, location, contact details, how many examiners can attend the visit, and any availability limitations).

A brief with more details of the visit will be sent to firms once places have been confirmed and allocated.

We look forward to hearing from everyone.

Sanam Habib

Informals Patent Office Liaison

Women In IP – now reachable on Twitter!

The Women in IP group is a support and networking group focusing on issues that can predominantly affect women working in the Intellectual Property (IP) professions. The group and its events are open to both women and men who are interested in these issues and how they can be addressed.

The group seeks to support women already working within the IP professions and to encourage the next generation of female IP practitioners to join the profession and climb through its ranks. You do not have to be a patent or trade mark attorney to join the group or attend its events – anyone working in IP is welcome.

The group aims to host a number of events each year, in various locations around the UK.  The events will be a mixture of talks and panel discussions as well as more informal social events.

The Women in IP/IP Inclusive event posted last week managed to achieve 100 sign-ups in just 2 days!

You can keep up with their news and events here. You can also keep up-to-date by joining their LinkedIn®Group.

You can now also follow their new Twitter feed here!

Flexible working and career breaks – making them work for you and others


When: Thursday 22nd November, 17:00-20:00

Where: Gowling WLG, 4 More London Riverside, London, SE1 2AU

IP Inclusive’s Women in IP group invites you to its third annual meeting, proudly hosted by Gowling WLG, on Thursday 22 November 2018.

We will host a panel discussion followed by the chance for you to network with your peers from across the IP professions. We welcome IP professionals of all genders.

This year’s panel discussion will focus on flexible working and career breaks. Confirmed speakers include:

Ben Hoyle – of Counsel, EIP Europe LLP

Heather Lane – Partner, Gill Jennings & Every LLP

Vicki McKinney – Senior Patent Attorney, Shell International Limited

We will be hearing from these panellists about their experiences of flexible working, including the hurdles they have encountered and what others did to help them, and generally how to use flexible working arrangements to help manage your work/life balance in the IP professions. We will hopefully also have some lively discussions with the audience, and there will be time afterwards for drinks, networking and further informal discussions around this fascinating and important topic.

The event is free, but spaces are limited. We hope you can join us for a fun and inspirational evening!

To register for the event please sign up here.

Sponsored by:


Cambridge Social: End of Exams Celebration! – Thursday 18th Oct 2018


When: Thursday 18th October 2018, 17:30-20:30

Where: Novi, 12 Regent St, Cambridge CD2 1DB

Informals members are invited to a complimentary ‘cocktail master class’ at NOVI, in Cambridge on 18th October 2018.

To celebrate the end of exam season, a Master Mixologist will demonstrate the art of cocktail making, allowing you to mix and taste your very own blends.

There will also be a variety of (alcoholic and soft) complimentary drinks, sharing platters and nibbles served.

We would love it if you could make it. To register on our Eventbrite page, click here.