Editorial – December 2011

Winter has well and truly arrived at last: the central heating is on again for the first time in many months; scarf and gloves are now de rigeur on the way to and from work; and yours truly seems to be playing unwitting host to this year’s human rhinovirus summit meeting.

Here at CIPA Towers, work on the great Yellow Sheet modernisation project has continued:  in addition to our Twitter feed and Facebook group you can now also follow us on LinkedIn.  As ever, comments, suggestions and any other feedback are very welcome!

In the run-up to Christmas there are predictably fewer Informals events, but don’t forget that we still have the Christmas Party and New Members’ Induction to come, and for any budding essayists, entries are also still open for the Competition Law Association’s Golding Essay Prize until the end of February.

That’s all from me for January, when many of us will be several roast dinners heavier, so it simply remains to say “good luck” to all those revising for EQEs and to wish you all a very enjoyable Christmas and New Year.  To usher us into the festive season, here are some carols with a Rowan Atkinson twist…


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