Higher Education Survey – 2005/06 UCAS Applicants

From the Institute of Employment Research at the University of Warwick comes the following notice.  They are keen to hear from anyone who applied to university in 2005/06, and there’s a chance to win one of several cash prizes.

“Did you apply for a full-time higher education place in 2005/6 (or do you know someone who did)?

If you did, you are a member of the Futuretrack cohort and we want to hear from you. Futuretrack is an independent study conducted by the Institute for Employment Research (IER) at the University of Warwick, and funded by the Higher Education Careers Services Unit (HECSU). Over the last five years we have been following the experiences of the 2005/6 Futuretrackers as they have progressed through higher education and into the labour market.

We are now conducting the fourth survey of 2005/6 UCAS applicants. The questionnaire takes, on average, 18 minutes to complete, depending on how many questions apply to you. All eligible respondents who complete the survey have the chance of winning cash prizes: ten of £1,000 or one hundred of £100.

Those who have taken part in a previous stage of the research should have received an email containing a link to the online survey that enables us to merge Stage 4 responses with those submitted previously. 2005/05 UCAS applicants who haven’t received it, or would like to join the survey for the first time, can still join the survey here.

Please pass on the message to eligible friends and former classmates, so that we can develop as full a picture as possible about the relationship between opportunities, qualifications and the realities of the current labour market.

The survey is hosted securely and responses are confidential and will not be passed or made available to any other person or organisation. You can find out more about Futuretrack and access our privacy statement on www.go.warwick.ac.uk/futuretrack or email the research team with any questions at Futuretrack2006@warwick.ac.uk.  Follow us on Twitter @Futuretrack2006 .”


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