New Sports Coordinator appointed

Steven Charlton (a keen runner and a frequenter of the South Bank University gym located in London’s delightful Elephant and Castle area) has now taken up the role of sports co-ordinator for the 2011/2012 CIPA Informals committee.

Steven would like to remind all readers (in case they weren’t already aware) that this year is a big one for sport.  How could anyone forget that the Olympics will be taking place in our beloved capital London, that Bruno Senna will be driving for Williams, the European Football Championships are coming up this summer,  and probably most importantly of all – wait for it – Newcastle United are sixth in the league at the current time of writing.

Readers can now look forward to another occurrence of the annual five-a-side tournament which takes place towards the end of July/August.  Furthermore, with Steven as our sports co-ordinator we can also look forward to some paintballing events and perhaps a day of outdoor sporting activities at one of the Go Ape centres located nationwide if you’re feeling strong.

Keep an eye out for notices of upcoming events in later editions of the Yellow Sheet and if you have any suggestions for a sporting event that you would like to see organised Steven invites you to get in touch with him (via the “Contact” tab at the top of this blog).


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