Wacky Patent (Application)

This month’s foray into the oft-surreal world of patents was inspired when I looked out of my office window to see a man carrying a rifle and a large bird of prey (a Harris Hawk, apparently) pacing around our car park.  Apparently this was in an effort to deter pigeons from making their home on the roof.  A quick search of Espacenet with the keyword “pigeon” turns up an invention of which Monty Python’s famous parrot-shop owner would be proud:

EP1179296:  Device for simulating a living pigeon


“The simulated dove has a holder (1-4) for a dead pigeon with holders (2,3) for the wings. The wing holders are movable with respect to the body holder so that the pigeon simulates flight. Each wing holder can be mounted on a support arm (8,9) for movement between end positions above and below the horizontal. The arms can be connected to the wing holders by pivot pins.”

Insert Pigeon A in Holder B

A subsequent check of the EP Register shows that this application is deemed withdrawn.  It has lapsed. This application is no more! It has ceased to be!  It’s kicked the bucket, it’s [that’s quite enough of that – Ed.]


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