Valentine’s Day Wacky Patent

Many of you may have, begrudgingly or otherwise, found yourselves wandering around the shops yesterday searching for the ‘perfect’ Valentine’s Day gift.  You may have settled for the over-priced bunch of roses or heart-shaped box of chocolates.  Next year, you may want to consider giving your loved one a “Love Box“:


Two US inventors were awarded patent US4194629 in 1980 for the Love Box.  The abstract describes this as a box for “use as a token between lovers for assuring their love to each other; the box including an instruction sheet that states the box is filled with love, and no matter how often it is opened, it can never be emptied”. (Ed: who doesn’t find instruction sheets romantic?) The description goes on to say a “principal object of the present invention is to provide a box for being presented to a person’s lover so to be continually reminded of the person’s constancy of regard, esteem and love”.

Intrigued?  The description states that in one embodiment, the box contains “no physical object, but is understood to be filled with an etheral or spiritual love“.  (Ed: seems like the USPTO granted a patent to an empty box…)  If you’re not content giving your loved one an empty box, you may be pleased to know that in an alternative embodiment, the love box is “shown having the word “Love” printed therewithin on the bottom wall 31, the printing being made flourescent paint so that at all times it radiates light rays in the design of the word. Such light rays fill the box when the box is closed, and additionally radiate outwardly thereof when the box is opened. Such rays of course, are not visible to a naked eye but it is scientifically known that they exist in view of the light radiation from the phosphorescent material 32 in a darkness of night or even in a daylight.” 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Parminder (Yellow Sheet Editor)


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