EQE Pre-Exam Online Course

If you’re sitting the EQE pre-examination in February 2015, then you may be interested to hear that there is an online training course developed jointly by the epi and the European Patent Academy.

Registration for the course is now open.  The course will begin on 01 September 2014 and run up the exam date.

“Each of the modules guides you through an individual topic, with videos, articles and online questions. Some of the material is released over the length of the course. You will need to visit the website on a regular basis to interact with the content. This online course costs €350 and gives you access to all training materials until 31 March 2015.

Access to a private discussion forum is provided for posing questions to tutors and discussing topics. There will also be a number of live online classes organised throughout the course.”

Further information on the course programme can be found here.

To register, go to this site.