Informals Moot 2014

The Informals Moot for this year will be on 21 July 2014 at CIPA Hall, starting at 5:30pm.

Opposing teams will argue an infringement and validity case based on a past P6 paper.

Participants will have an opportunity to develop skills in presenting oral arguments and will get feedback on infringement and validity analysis from Chris Mercer, former CIPA President.

The moot is a relatively informal event, and it is no problem at all if you have no prior experience of mooting.  If you have never looked at a P6 paper before, then this is a good an opportunity to do so, especially if you are sitting P6 this year!

For more details or to register to participate please email the Informals’ Moot Organiser, Katie Oliver.

The deadline for registering to participate is Friday 11 July 2014.


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