IPReg’s Education Reforms – an update

As you may recall, the period to respond to IPReg’s consultation on their proposed reforms to the examination system closed in March.  (A copy of our response can be found here.)  IPReg received a total of 243 responses from “a wide range of organisations” and it is pleasing to note that “the majority of these were not in support of the proposals“.  IPReg intended to publish all the responses to the consultation on their website, but they haven’t done so yet because of the sheer number of replies.

IPReg has also commented that “determining the way forward was clearly a big piece of work and the regulated community and other responders to the consultation should not expect an answer for three to six months” (see page 6 of IPReg’s Board Minutes here).

We look forward to hearing what IPReg’s proposed way forward is soon, and we will keep you all posted.

Parminder Lally
(Yellow Sheet Editor)


One thought on “IPReg’s Education Reforms – an update

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