Main EQE 2014 Results and Enrolment

I understand that the main EQE 2014 results will soon be available on the EPO website here from 11 July (8:00 CET) to 30 September 2014. Good luck to those of you anxiously awaiting your results!

If you recently passed the pre-examination, or need to re-take any main EQEs (hopefully not!), enrolment for the main 2015 exams opens on Monday 14 July 2014.  Candidates who have already sat the pre-exam/main exams should have received a code from the EPO to enable access to their profile in the online enrolment portal.

If you’re going to be taking the 2015 exams, you may be interested in reading the results of the survey conducted after the EQEs this year.  Candidates were asked various questions about the venue of the exam, books/courses used to prepare and about the exams themselves.  (Update – 14 August: Note that the survey results in relation to the Bristol venue are no longer relevant, as the EQEs are being held in Birmingham in 2015 – see this notice from the EPO).

(Yellow Sheet Editor)


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