Following Yellow Sheet by Email

Recently, the Yellow Sheet blog has moved away from using Google’s Feedburner email subscription system to using WordPress’s own subscription tool.  Many of you may have subscribed to the blog when it was first created a few years ago, and would likely have done so using Feedburner.

However, the Feedburner tool was slow to send updates to users. Informals members have told me that they would receive updates from the Yellow Sheet a day or more after new content was posted on the blog, which is not particularly useful if you received an email about an Informals event after the event had been and gone!! (Yes, we do listen to your feedback!)

Unfortunately, it is not possible for me to automatically move Feedburner subscribers to the new system.  However, I have sent “Follow Me” messages to all those who are currently Feedburner subscribers, asking you to follow the blog using the new system. Simply click on the “Accept Invitation” button in the email if you want to follow the Yellow Sheet.

If you still wish to subscribe to the Yellow Sheet and receive regular updates about what the Informals are up to across the UK, please follow the blog again using the new system. (And thanks to those of you who have already done so, you super speedy lot!) You should then receive emails about new blog posts immediately after they are posted.  I will then remove users from the old Feedburner system so you don’t get sent the same email twice. Apologies for any inconvenience caused due to this upgrade.

Please note, you’re welcome to read and subscribe to the blog even if you’re not a Student Member of CIPA.  So, if anyone in your firm is wondering what the Informals are up to these days, let them know about the blog too.

If you have any difficulties subscribing, or otherwise, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Parminder (Yellow Sheet Editor)