More events across the UK

You may recall that last month we announced we were looking for volunteers to form the 2014-15 Informals Committee. A number of trainees from across the UK have recently let us know that they would like to see more Informals events take place outside of London. The Informals Regional Secretaries already organise social events in a number of regions/cities outside of London already (i.e. in Cambridge, Birmingham, Oxford and “The North”).  However, we realise that as the profession has moved away from being primarily London-based, so too should the Informals increase their presence across the UK.

This week, the current Informals Committee met up to discuss (among other things) better representing trainees from all over the UK.  We are pleased to announce the creation of new Regional Secretary roles in:

  • Scotland (covering at least Glasgow and Edinburgh) – taken on by Michael Ford;
  • the Midlands (covering Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire) – taken on by Sara Holland;
  • the South West (covering Bristol, Bath and even S. Wales) – taken on by Simon Carobene.

We hope that trainees, part-qualified and newly-qualified attorneys (both in private practice and in-house) will attend the events run by the new Reg. Secs., particularly since free drinks may be on offer!  If there are any other areas in the UK where we could organise social events, please get in touch.


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