August’s Wacky Patent

When tackling a particularly tricky added subject matter objection or a complicated new draft, the frequency of my coffee breaks increases significantly.  Ordinarily, I pop out to the nearest coffee shop to clear my mind and fuel myself with caffeine.  However, if I could find a mug that combines both function and a brief distraction from work, I might be convinced to consume the office coffee instead.

US5904268 provides just that – a “novelty drinking mug having handle and incorporating a display simulating that of an artificial horizon instrument disposed within the floor of the mug“!

The document primarily describes the mug as being suitable for aviation enthusiasts, who are “highly familiar with an artificial horizon instrument” and who would find the incorporation of a simulated artificial horizon in drinking vessel to provide “a humorous or amusing touch to a social occasion.  This effect will be all the more effective since the display responds in a realistic fashion to manoeuvring of the drinking vessel similar to that of an actual artificial horizon display responding to attitude of an aircraft“. The display becomes more visible as the user hoists the vessel, where the hoisting “essentially reproduces the effect of an aircraft while climbing, which action moves a colored body of liquid in a chamber visible at the bottom of the drinking vessel“.

Thanks go out to Tony McStea, an Australian, New Zealand and European Patent Attorney who came across the blog and forwarded the patent for our amusement!

Parminder (Yellow Sheet Editor)


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