Hello new trainees!

It’s September so new patent trainees, in their neatly-pressed suits and polished shoes, have probably started working in your office/Firm this month. It will take them a while before they become CIPA student members and start receiving their lovely, bright paper copies of the Yellow Sheet.  It will also be a while before they start to receive emails from/via CIPA about upcoming events (such as the CIPA New Members Induction) or social events being run for trainees in London (such as the Informals ‘Welcome’ party). So, if there’s a new trainee in your office, please tell them about the Yellow Sheet blog so they don’t miss any useful info.  (If you are a new trainee and you’re reading this, full marks for subscribing already!)

Subscribers to the blog will receive regular email updates about Informals social events across the UK – where trainees have the chance to meet people from outside their own Firm – as well as information about upcoming lectures, and events at CIPA that may be useful.

Anyone is welcome to read and subscribe to the blog even if they’re not a Student Member of CIPA.  So, if anyone in your firm is wondering what the Informals are up to these days, let them know about the blog too.


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