Not So Secret Diary

As mentioned in issue 1 of the new paper version of the Yellow Sheet, we are hoping to start a new light-hearted feature in either the blog or paper newsletter called the “Not so secret diary of a trainee“.  Inspired by Andrea Brewster’s lively monthly segment in the CIPA Journal, the column would allow a trainee to give their viewpoint on being in the patent profession. The piece could be written anonymously – only the Yellow Sheet Editor would know their true identity!

It would be great if a trainee who’s just started in the profession would be willing to write the piece.  I’m sure qualified attorneys as well as CIPA would be interested in hearing what it’s like to start training these days. Other trainees might also feel comforted by knowing someone else is going through the same trials and tribulations as them!  (Or, dare I say it, by knowing someone’s having a worse time than them!)  However, a more senior trainee/part-qualified trainee is also welcome to write the piece and give their viewpoint on say, juggling exams, clients and billing targets.  The feature itself needn’t be as long as Andrea’s feature in the CIPA Journal – we’re flexible about that sort of stuff.

Please email the Editor if you’re interested.

Finally, a reminder that if you’d like to join the 2014-15 Informals Committee, check out our vacancies here, and get in touch with me if you’d like more info or would like to volunteer.



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