EQE pre-exam and Informals socials

Well done to all who sat Foundations and Advanced PEB papers last week!

All trainees sitting the pre-exam or main EQEs in February 2015 should note that the EPO has published updated Guidelines for Examination. The new Guidelines come into force on 01 November 2014 and are available here.

As mention in Issue 2 of the paper Yellow Sheet, the Informals Committee have organised various events to welcome new trainees and celebrate the end of the exams.  For the benefit of new trainees who haven’t yet joined CIPA, the events are listed here too.  We hope to see you at one of these:

  • Midlands Social – TONIGHT!!! 08 October, Canal House (Nottingham), from 6pm.  ContactSara Holland (Midlands Regional Secretary) if you’ll be going along.

  • Birmingham Social – 15 October, Pure Bar (Birmingham), from 6pm.  EmailDaniel Wolstenholme (Birmingham Regional Secretary) if you’d like more info.

  • Post Exam / Welcome Party – 16 October, CIPA Hall (London), from 6pm

Other Regional Secretaries around the UK should be organising events this Autumn too, so keep an eye out for blog updates regarding events in your area.

Yellow Sheet Editor


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