Informals’ EQE and Pre-Exam Tutorials

Some of you may be aware that each year, the Informals run a tutorial system for trainees taking UKs/EQEs. We received feedback from trainees saying that the old booking system was a bit unreliable and difficult to use. Thus, the Informals’ Committee and CIPA have worked together to create a new tutorial booking system for those of you preparing for the pre-exam and EQE main exams. The new system should be going live in the next week or so. (Please note, the old system is still accessible on the CIPA website, but is not being used). The EQE tutorial system will run from 10 November 2014 to 9 February 2015.

The Informals’ tutorial system enables tutors and trainees from different Firms (and even different parts of the country) to work together on past papers. Even if you’re a trainee in a large Firm, you could benefit from the expertise from attorneys from other Firms.

There is no fee to participate in the new system, unlike the old system. Instead, this is covered by your CIPA membership fee. Those of you familiar with the old system will know that trainees had to find tutors to sign-up to the system before they could participate in the tutorials themselves. Some trainees found this to be an unnecessary burden, so we’ve removed this requirement. CIPA has already emailed Fellows to ask them to sign-up to offer EQE and pre-exam tutorials between November and January. When the booking system opens (look out for emails from CIPA about this in the next week or so) trainees will be able to log-in to the CIPA website, see which papers are being offered, where and when, and sign-up to whichever ones they’re interested in. Some tutors are also willing to run tutorials by webinar, so trainees in Bristol, Cambridge or Manchester could participate in a tutorial run by a tutor in Glasgow.

If your supervisors would like to sign-up as tutors, please ask them to email CIPA’s Membership Team ( so CIPA can set up the tutorial sessions in the system. They need to provide the following information: selected paper to tutor (i.e. pre-exam/A/B/C/D), year of paper to tutor, location of the session, date of session, are they prepared to mark papers by correspondence, are they prepared to do a webinar-based tutorial.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with me.


(Hon Sec)


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