Scotland Informals Social and Updates

Hello all,
I would like to introduce myself as the new CIPA Informals regional secretary for Scotland and take this opportunity to invite you to our first event for trainees and newly-qualified attorneys in Scotland.

Drinks Event
We will be meeting for drinks in Edinburgh on Thursday 6 November from 6pm at Indigo Yard, Charlotte Lane.  If you’re not sure of the location or don’t know Edinburgh well, Indigo Yard can be found here and is a short walk from both Haymarket and Waverley Stations.  Thanks to CIPA subsidies, some of the drinks should also be on the house!

Future Events
I plan on hosting several events throughout the year, which I will also try to spread throughout Scotland (and at least between Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen), so that everyone has an opportunity to get involved.  If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please do get in touch.

Mailing List
There is now a mailing list for trainees in Scotland.  If you know of any trainees in your firm or area who have not been included, please do send me an email with their details.

I hope to meet you all very soon!

Michael Ford


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