IPReg Consulation: an update

Today, IPReg have sent an email update regarding their consultation on the patent examination system (see our earlier post about this here). For the benefit of all trainees, we provide the full text of the email below:

Dear Colleague

Earlier this year you wrote to us in response to the consultation we carried out on IPReg’s proposals to simplify and modernise the Patent Attorney examination system. We received 235 responses and appreciated the energy and scope of the views expressed.

We wrote to you on 24 March to explain the likely timetable for publication of our response.

However, it is clear that the way forward is now for us to obtain specialist input on particular points which have emerged during the consultation. This is underway. We also need to consider the (currently delayed) proposal for the European Litigation Qualification in case it has a bearing on the IPReg proposals.

As further developments occur we will keep you in touch.

Yours truly

Rosalind Burford

(Chair of the Education Committee)

It is unclear from this email who exactly is going to be consulted for the “specialist input”, and why such input is still needed. It is also worryingly unclear whether IPReg are aware of the changes being made to the EQEs, such as the change to Papers A and B (see our post here), or of other changes currently being discussed in private by the EPO and the EPI Council.

We hope that IPReg takes into account the 235 responses submitted during the Consultation period and does not ignore the concerns of the patent profession. We are also disappointed in how long it is taking for IPReg to reach a decision.

We will keep you all updated when we hear any more about this matter.

Hon Sec


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