More EQE tutorial offers

If you’re preparing for the EQEs or pre-EQE you are probably gearing yourselves up to have an awful Christmas! Unfortunately, there’s no escape from having to read recent G decisions and learning the ten-steps of the problem-solution approach. However, the Informals’ Committee wants to remind you all that our EQE tutorial system is still running.

There are lots of tutorials available for all main EQE papers in January and February, in Manchester, Cambridgeshire, Greater London and Leeds. To view the offers and book onto a tutorial, please see the CIPA website (log-in required). Most of the tutorials offered by webinar are already booked-up. However, if there are no tutorials in your area, do contact the tutors for the non-webinar-based tutorials to see if you can take part – tutors are often willing to mark your answers by correspondence and/or let you dial-in to their tutorial.

If you’re taking the pre-EQE, there is also a tutorial offer for the 2013 pre-EQE paper in the system.

Our EQE lecture series in January provides further support for all the main EQEs and the pre-EQE. Check out our earlier post here about the upcoming lectures, all of which will be broadcast (so you don’t need to be in London to join in).

Finally, if you are concerned about the support you’re getting from your firm to prepare for the EQEs, or have general concerns about your training, please don’t suffer in silence. The Informals’ Committee is here to listen to your concerns and to help you out. Please get in touch with our Education Coordinators Andy White or Emily Dodgson.

Good luck with the revision, and merry Christmas!


Informals’ Honorary Secretary


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