London Social: CANCELLED


The event at Bounce on 2 February is cancelled. Instead, the London social secs are pleased to announce a much better event – the informals will be attending London beer week!

London Beer Week is not only jam packed with events, but by wearing one of the wristbands you’ll be able to enjoy £3 speciality beers or £5 boilermakers in over 100 of the best beer bars in town. Wristbands are on sale NOW, and once the week begins wearers will receive deals and discounts across the capital, plus you’ll get a free London Bar Guide to help you plan your week! More information about the event can be found here:

The week lasts 16-22 Feb, and we’ll be going as a group on Friday 20 Feb. Wristbands SHOULD be £10, but the informals will split this with the first 50 attendees so that you’ll pay £5 only. Please email by 9 February if you want to come along (act fast!)

I very much hope to see all of you there.


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