Materials for the EQEs

We hope those of you preparing for the pre-exam and EQEs are not panicking too much. Hopefully, you’ve all received your seating cards for the examination(s) by now – don’t forget to take these with you to the exam!

If you’re still gathering together material to take with you into the pre-exam or for Paper D, you may wish to download the condensed version of the PCT Applicant’s Guide created by Pete Pollard / Delta Patents. Since the full version of the Guide is 1800 pages, the Delta Patents team prepares a condensed version which is tailored to the information you may require in the exam(s). See the Salted Patent blog for more information:

Also on the Salted Patent blog is a list of suggested materials for the pre-exam and main EQEs. Some of this is a bit excessive for the pre-exam, but you may wish to take a look anyway:

Good luck!

Informals’ Honorary Secretary)


2 thoughts on “Materials for the EQEs

  1. To all EQE candidates:

    You’re probably aware that this year, the EQE invigilators are going to be applying the examination rules of conduct more strictly. In particular, candidates are being advised to not take any electronic devices, especially mobile phones, to the examination venue, as there is no place to securely store the devices in the venue. (See here for info:

    Unless you’re staying right next to Edgbaston stadium, it is likely you’ll need to take a taxi to and from the exam venue. Therefore, it may be wise to book your return taxi journeys before the exam(s) (e.g. in the morning of the exam, or earlier), so that you don’t need to take your mobile phones to the exam venue.

    CIPA is responsible for organising the UK EQE venue and providing invigilators – they are now looking into if something can be done to provide storage of mobiles in the exam venue, but it may not be possible to sort this out before next week. Given the consequences of violating the rules of conduct are quite severe, it may be wise to err on the side of caution and leave mobiles at home/in your hotel, and organise taxis in advance.

  2. UPDATE (20 Feb 2015): Just heard back from CIPA about this. CIPA says the EPO are sending a crate specially to put electronic devices/mobile phones in. The crate will be kept in a secure storage area in the exam venue, (in the same place the exam papers are kept, so it’s probably quite safe!)

    So, although there are no guarantees, it sounds as though this arrangement has sufficient safeguards to work for all, and may be better than leaving phones in hotels etc.

    Hope this helps.

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