PEB examinations new for 2015

The PEB have just announced a change to the naming, referencing and format of its Qualifying Examinations. The examinations remain unchanged.

All the details can be found on the PEB website: and


One thought on “PEB examinations new for 2015

  1. Dear Yellow Sheet,

    The Informals may be interested to know that we have just released on our website details of the dates for our programme of revision courses for the 2015 PEB Foundation Certificate and Final Diploma exams.

    Our courses for the Foundation Certificate papers are between 8-18 July 2015 and those for the Final Diploma papers are between 6-18 July, 3-6 August, 24-28 August and 4 September 2015.

    The JDD courses have been accredited by CIPA, making JDD a CIPA Accredited Training Provider.

    A course leaflet is attached and can also be downloaded from our website.

    Kind regards

    Ian Derbyshire JDD Consultants 01234 294049


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