Registration Window for PEB exams

Below is a note from PEB about the registration window for PEB exams (both foundation and finals).

FYI, a copy of the 2015 exam timetable can be found here.

“The candidate registration window for the PEB qualifying examinations in 2015 is now published on the PEB website.

The 2015 registration window for PEB qualifying examinations is from 1 June until 31 July. The decision to reduce the length of the registration window came about as a result of a review of the date that candidate applications were received in 2014, which highlighted that the majority were received in June and July.

The candidate registration form will be available to download from the PEB website from 1 June 2015.

Law Exemptions

Candidates are advised that they can and should request a law exemption at any time. This can be done outside the registration window. The details on requesting a law exemption and the law exemption request form, can be found on the PEB website.”


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