Survey: Informals’ EQE lectures and tutorials

Following the recent completion of the Informals’ EQE lectures and tutorials, the Informals’ Committee would like your feedback. If you are a non-EQE qualified trainee patent attorney who has participated in the recent EQE lectures and/or tutorials, please take the time to fill in the following surveys.

Please note that one survey relates solely to the EQE lecture series, whilst the other relates solely to the EQE tutorial series. Each survey consists of 7 or 8 questions, respectively, and should take no longer than 5-10 minutes to complete. The deadline to complete the survey(s) is Friday 6 March 2015.



This feedback is vital for enabling the Informals’ Committee, together with CIPA, to continually improve and adapt the content and quality of our lecture series and tutorial system to suit your needs. All feedback is greatly appreciated.

Finally, good luck to everyone sitting the EQEs!

Kind regards,

Sophie-Beth Aylett, Andrew White & Emily Dodgson

Informals’ Tutorial Coordinators


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