CIPA’s first Litigation Skills Course –important information about courses and registration

If you have recently passed all the necessary PEB exams required to become a Registered Patent Attorney in the UK, please remember you now have to pass a basic litigation skills course. Technically, you do not need to wait until after you have passed all the exams and could take the course at any time, but priority will be given to those who qualified first (and who will drop off the Register if they don’t take the course).
Here are the key dates for the delivery of CIPA’s first Litigation Skills Course leading to the Intellectual Property Litigation Certificate.

Registration opens 27th April 2015

Registration closes 17th May 2015

On line course opens 23rd May 2015

Face-to-face course 27th and 28th June 2015 at Kents Hill Park Training and Conference Centre, Milton Keynes

Oral Examination* 6th July or 7th July 2015

Written Examination 9th July (2.00pm – 4.00pm) 2015

*Each student attends for a 10 minute examination.

The application form for both this course and the examinations will be posted here on 27th April 2015. CIPA is scheduling another course to run in September 2015, and the registration form for that course will be posted in early September 2015. You will find the details of the dates and fees for both courses on the PEB website.

If you have any questions about the course please look at the information on the CIPA website or email.


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