Timing of PEB Exam Results

You may recall that the PEB conducted a survey earlier this year concerning the timing of the PEB exam results. (See our earlier post here: https://yellowsheet.wordpress.com/2015/01/13/uk-exam-results-date/)
The PEB have now decided that “whilst the PEB could issue examination results for Qualifying Examinations early, it would not be able to safely issue them a month before the EQEs. Whilst the majority wanted results early, a majority also wanted them at least a month before the EQEs and this cannot be safely delivered“. For more information and the reasons for this decision, please see the official notice from the PEB: http://www.cipa.org.uk/download/Timing-of-QE-results.pdf

2 thoughts on “Timing of PEB Exam Results

  1. I don’t suppose the PEB considered making the exams more straight forward to mark? IPReg also seems too quiet…

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