Join the Informals’ Committee

The Informals’ Committee is made up of trainee patent attorneys from around the UK, and the Committee members work hard to put on social events, sports tournaments, lectures and training events, and to keep trainees updated on issues that may affect them. The 2015-16 Committee will take over in Sept/Oct this year. Many of the roles have already been filled. However, we are looking for volunteers to take on the following roles:

  • Lecture Organisers (x2) to organise our annual Foundation lecture series;
  • Lecture Organisers (x2) to organise our annual Advanced lecture series. You don’t need to be based in London for this role;
  • Social Secretaries (at least x2) to organise social events in London;
  • Sports Coordinator, to organise at least the annual football tournament in London.

(Other vacancies may arise in the next few weeks, so watch out for updates.)

Being on the Committee looks great on your CV and work appraisal forms, and it’s a chance for you to represent the student body of CIPA! If you would like to join the Committee or would like to know more about a particular position, please get in touch with me:


(CIPA Informals’ Honorary Secretary 2014-15)


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