Congratulations Moot Winners!

Following the 2015 Informals Moot on Thursday 16th July, congratulations go to Victoria Barker (Dehns), David Hobson (Mathys & Squire) and Roxna Kapadia (Kilburn & Strode) who won the trophy this year.

The opposing team Feng Rao, Sophie Blake and Ryan Lacey (all of D Young), were beaten by a very narrow margin in a closely contested competition.

The Moot was based on the 1999 P6 paper, in which Gill Bates (represented by Victoria, David and Roxna) was accused of infringing the patentee’s patent which concerns an apparatus for projecting an image onto a display surface.  Chris Mercer very kindly judged the Moot once again, and provided a lot of helpful feedback to the mooters.

Thanks go to Chris, all of the mooters, and to everyone who attended to observe.

Dan Sizer, Anne Gilbert and Lara Sibley

(Informals’ Moot Organisers)


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