IP Inclusive

Many of you will know that the a joint taskforce has been created to improve diversity and inclusivity in the IP professions.  The taskforce now has its very own name, brand, website and Twitter handle: IP Inclusive.  Check out the website http://www.ipinclusive.org.uk/ and/or follow the taskforce’s activities via @IPInclusive
The website also has a forum to promote discussions about diversity and inclusivity.  In time, we’ll have forums for different groups / support networks.  For example, we may set-up a women’s forum, an LGBT forum, a BME forum, etc, where communities can share and discuss issues.
We will also be uploading our ‘diversity in IP’ videos to the website soon, which will showcase the wide variety of jobs available in the IP professions, and the diverse people working in the professions already.
A number of Informals’ members are on the taskforce, particularly in the group which is helping to raise awareness of the IP professions among schools, teachers, universities and careers advisers.  The CIPA Informals’ Committee are making a donation towards the design and publication of the written materials to raise awareness.  (Though, don’t worry, there’s still plenty of cash to subsidise Informals’ social events!)
If you’d like to find out more about IP Inclusive, you can contact us via this form: http://www.ipinclusive.org.uk/contact.html
Informals’ Honorary Secretary
(IP Inclusive – Raising Awareness Group Coordinator)

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