Improved feedback for PEB candidates

In August 2015 the Informals contacted the PEB Governance Board (GB) about the feedback PEB exam candidates receive when their results are announced.  Currently, each candidate is told whether s/he has passed or failed a paper, and given an overall mark for that paper.  The Informals suggested the following ways of improving the feedback:

  • providing each candidate with a breakdown of his/her marks for a paper (e.g. on a question-by-question or part-by-part basis), similar to the breakdowns given for EQE papers
  • providing each candidate with a marked copy of his/her script.

The GB has said that it is beyond the PEB’s resources to provide a detailed breakdown of the way marks were achieved in the 2015 examinations, but that it will give serious consideration to doing so for the 2016 examinations.  It has also said that, for the 2015 examinations, it will include breakdowns of marks awarded for each question in the “Sample Pass Script” examples published on the PEB Past Examination Materials web page.  In addition to the existing “good pass” example scripts, the PEB plans to publish examples of scripts scoring marks just above the pass/fail borderline, also with breakdowns of marks awarded for individual questions.  In the future, the PEB hopes to add commentaries to the published examples, to assist candidates and their tutors in better understanding the reasons why particular responses achieved the marks awarded.

The Informals welcomes the changes that are being made and looks forward to working with the GB to improve further the resources available to help candidates prepare for the PEB papers.


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