Informals’ Award for Education and Training

Earlier this year, we asked you all to nominate someone who you believe has made an outstanding contribution to your education and training (see here).  We wanted to celebrate the fact that some people are providing trainees with support that goes beyond merely providing them with a copy of the ‘Black Book’ and sending them off on courses to prepare for exams.

As my final act as Informals’ Honorary Secretary, I announced the winner of the 2015 Informals’ Award at CIPA Congress on 01 October.  I am delighted to present the 2015 Informals’ Award to Keith Britter (retired, formerly of Britter & Co).  Trainees said of Keith: “The training I received went far beyond a dry introduction to the law”; “Keith constantly went out of his way to help us trainees” and “[made] himself available for phone calls to discuss examination preparation”; “Even after the six month training period ended…he has always been on the end of a phone for advice” and “has become much more than simply a tutor”.  Congratulations Keith!

Joint runners-up are Doug Ealey (D Young & Co) and Julia Gwilt (Marks & Clerk).  Trainees said that the combination of Doug’s “How to Pass P2” book, LinkedIn study group, in-house tutorials and contributions to the JDD revision courses means he has “has therefore had a significant positive impact on almost every single trainee through the UK in the last 5 years”.  Trainees noted that the sheer amount of training Julia provides, via the in-house training academy, the day-to-day supervision she provides her own trainees, her contribution to the Informals’ lectures and tutorials, and her involvement in the PEB, means that they aren’t aware of “anyone else in the profession who devotes so much of their time and energy to the education and continued training of trainees”.

Also nominated were Cerian Jones (UDL) and Nigel Frankland (retired, tutor for P6/FD4).

I would like to thank everyone who has helped trainees over the last year or so, particularly those who have been nominated for this award and everyone who has volunteered to give the Informals’ lectures and tutorials.  Thank you for your commitment to training trainees – your dedication is recognised even if your trainees are too shy to tell you themselves!

If you would like to nominate someone for next year’s award, please get in touch with your new Honorary Secretary, Ben Charig:

Good luck to everyone taking the PEB exams next week!

(CIPA Informals’ Honorary Secretary 2014-15)


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