Trainee booklet, and salary surveys

Happy Friday from everyone on the Informals’ Committee! And a huge congratulations to all trainees who have made it through the week of PEB exams.  I hope you use the weekend for a well deserved celebration and/or rest.

We have uploaded the Informals’ New Starter Booklet 2015-16 to our useful links page.  I highly recommend that any one new to the profession reads the guide, which is written by  trainees with a couple of years of experience!

The booklet comprises introductions to CIPA, the Informals, IPReg, PEB and EPI, and the UK and European examination systems (and the key differences between them). It also provides lists of useful resources for day-to-day work and for examination preparation.

Also included on our useful links page are a couple of salary surveys (here and here) which provide the average salary at different levels of seniority across the profession.  It’s fascinating to see the market rate for someone at your level of qualification!

As always, if you have any questions please just email me.

Enjoy the weekend,



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