Informals Social: South Coast

See below for details of the next South Coast social:

To celebrate the end of PEB exams we’ll be meeting in the Grand Cafe in Southampton (near to the docks) at around 5.30pm on Friday 23rd October, and your first drink will be courtesy of the Informals.

Aside from the late notice (for which I apologise), for those of you who feel you’re a little far away from Southampton to justify coming for a few drinks and not a more substantial event, I completely understand!  We’ll be arranging a larger event at some point in the new year along the lines of our curry night in June and cheese and wine night last month, and it’d be fantastic to see lots of you there!

If you don’t make it next Friday then I hope you celebrate/commiserate accordingly in your own way.  For those of you who do come, I’ll look forward to seeing you!  Feel free to email me ahead of time if you plan to come, or just show up!

<!–Notes ACF

David Al-Khalili



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