Informals Tutorials for EQE 2016

Sign-up is now open for a limited number of Informals EQE tutorials in December!


Each year, the Informals committee organises tutorials for the European qualifying examination (EQE).  The tutorials are led by qualified European patent attorneys who very generously volunteer their time to mark tutees’ attempts at specified papers and to provide feedback and guidance in tutorial sessions.


In response to requests from previous years’ tutees for a broader spread of tutorials, we created a comprehensive timetable for the 2016 EQE tutorial season, with tutorials starting in late November and ending in late February.  Unfortunately, the revamping of the CIPA website has meant that the events booking system we used when organising past tutorials has not been and is still not available.  This has made it more difficult than usual to recruit tutors and to allow tutees to sign up for tutorials.


We hope that CIPA’s events booking system will be available shortly.  In the meantime, the currently-offered tutorials are listed on our Eventbrite page here.  Click on a specific tutorial and then “REGISTER” to sign up.  Each tutorial is limited to a maximum number of tutees, to provide a good learning experience for tutees and to ensure that the tutorial workload is manageable for tutors.  Bearing this in mind, do not sign up for a tutorial unless you can commit to handing in the work by the specified deadline.  The tutor has the right to refuse your participation in the tutorial if you miss the work hand-in deadline.


New tutorials will be added to the Eventbrite page when tutors volunteer to give them, so look again in a few days’ time if there isn’t currently a tutorial that suits your needs.


If there is a qualified European attorney in your office who would make a good tutor, please encourage him or her to volunteer to give an EQE tutorial.  As well as the warm glow he/she will get from doing a Good Thing, he/she will: keep up-to-date with law changes and qualification requirements; rack up CPD hours; and demonstrate his/her dedication to training.


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