Reminder: EQE tutorial sign-up is live!

If you’re going to sit the pre-EQE or one of the main EQE papers in the new year, consider signing up for one or more of the Informals’ 2016 EQE tutorials. You can find out what tutorials are currently on offer by visiting our Eventbrite page. New tutorials have been made available in the last week, and more will be added as more tutors volunteer.

Remember that you must submit your work for a given tutorial by the deadline specified on the corresponding event page. If you do not submit your work on time, the tutor may refuse to let you participate in the tutorial. Because the number of places for each tutorial is limited, please do not sign up for a tutorial unless you know you will be able to meet the specified work hand-in deadline.

If you think someone in your office would make a good tutor, please encourage him or her to give a tutorial or two. He/She can volunteer by contacting our Tutorial Coordinator, Sophie-Beth Aylett ( As well as helping trainee patent attorneys with their exams and staying up-to-date with legal and qualification changes, qualified attorneys can earn CPD hours by tutoring!


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