Tutors’ report on the EQE 2015 papers – epi Information, December 2015

Candidates preparing for the 2016 EQE might be interested in the December 2015 edition of epi Information, which includes a useful report by EQE tutors about the 2015 papers (see pages 134-142).


The report starts by providing a summary of the different papers’ “pass”, “compensable fail” and “fail” percentages.  Next, the tutors encourage candidates to read the Regulations on the EQE thoroughly before the 2016 EQE to avoid unfortunate consequences.  The tutors draw particular attention to the following points: don’t write names on scripts; write answers on the lined side of the paper provided; stop writing when the “stop” signal is given; and don’t take any electronic equipment whatsoever into the exam room.


The bulk of the report is made up of comments on the individual papers, including notes on problems some candidates had.  The comments on papers C & D are particularly detailed.  Trainees may find it helpful to review these comments after attempting the 2015 papers as practice.


The report finishes with some remarks about the future of the EQE and the “combined” chemistry and EM AB papers (from EQE 2017 onwards).  According to the report, the Examination Committee emphasises that the combination of the subject-matter for the A and B papers will not be at the expense of candidates.  According to the report, “[o]n the current papers, most candidates who fail do not know the basics. Easy points are currently missed in 75% of cases. For example, Art. 123(2) is more than just writing “see paragraph xxx”. The argumentation is not dependent on the technical field when you know the features” (emphasis added).


A change that is apparently being considered for the future is the inclusion of multiple-choice questioning in the main exam papers.


Readers might also be interested in the article “Comments on the new combined EQE papers A and B for both mechanics and chemistry”, which follows the report (see pages 142-143), and the statistics on the results of the 2015 EQE, which follow that article (see page 144).  It is clear from the numbers provided on page 144 that UK (“GB”) candidates performed strongly in the 2015 EQE relative to many other countries’ candidates.


Well done to last year’s candidates, and best of luck to those of you preparing to sit EQE papers in February and March.


Ben Charig

Informals’ Honorary Secretary


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