EQEs – arrangements for storage of mobile phones at the exam venue

According to the supplementary publication of the EPO’s Official Journal 2/2014, “Candidates are not permitted to: (a) bring to the pre-examination or the main examination any electronic devices other than an analogue wrist watch with no additional options, unless express prior permission to use such devices has been given by the Examination Secretariat”.


We believe that this rule will be being enforced strictly again this year.  However, we have been informed that the EQE secretariat will provide envelopes for temporary storage of mobile phones at the exam venue.  Our understanding is that candidates will be able to leave their mobile phones in the envelopes in a secure place for the duration of each paper.  We have also been told that the envelopes are intended to be re-used over the exam days, so, if you do use an envelope to store your mobile phone, please make sure you leave the envelope behind afterwards so that others can make use of it.


We do not know what provision there will be for secure storage of larger objects, such as laptop bags and suitcases, at the exam venue, so you may wish to arrange to leave such items at your hotel (if appropriate) or in a left-luggage facility elsewhere (see e.g. the Visit Bristol website, which indicates that left-luggage facilities are available at the Bristol tourist information centre).


Good luck with the exams!


The Informals Committee


One thought on “EQEs – arrangements for storage of mobile phones at the exam venue

  1. After this morning’s email from the Examination Secretariat, I replied asking for clarification about phone storage, and got the below response:

    Dear Mrs Howe,

    We recommend that candidates leave their mobile phone at their hotels if they are travelling.
    This is correct, however, that envelopes will be provided for candidates (you will have to write your name on it) in the examination centres where their mobile phones can be placed. These envelopes will be put in a box. The box will be outside of the examination hall. Neither the Examination centres nor the Examination Secretariat will take any responsibility for loss or damage to the items stored in this box.

    Best regards,
    Paule Gilis
    European Qualifying Examination EQE
    European Patent Office

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