Congratulations to our 2016 FD4 (P6) Moot Winners

The CIPA Informals FD4 (P6) Moot 2016 held on 20th July saw a strong showing by both counsel for Patentee (Rosemary Lees and Ian Jones of Kilburn & Strode) and counsel for Defendant (Alison Kinch, Matthew Pennington, and David Viita of Sagittarius IP, Withers & Rogers and Dehns, respectively).  In continued tradition the Moot was based on the 1999 P6 paper, in which Gill Bates (Defendant) was accused of infringing a patent claiming image projection apparatus.

The closely-contested hearing went right to the wire.  However, the Judge (Chris Mercer) sided with Patentee, and congratulations go to Rosemary and Ian, who are our 2016 Moot winners. [Although by no means is this a moot success, it deserves to be celebrated- Ed].

Our thanks go to Chris for his continued support of this event, each of the mooters, and all who attended.

David Hobson, Victoria Barker, and Roxna Kapadia (the Moot Organisers)


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