A message from the Education Coordinators regarding the UK EQE Venue

We are aware that many people have been affected by the allocation of venue for the 2017 EQEs which were communicated by the EPO yesterday.  In particular, we are aware of a large number of people who have been moved from a preference of UK (Walsall) to Munich.

We are currently in the process of preparing an Open Letter from the Informals Committee expressing our concerns as regard the current situation, as well as the general organisation of the UK Venue for the EQEs by CIPA on behalf of the UKIPO.  If you have any particular concerns or issues which you think we should address, please let us know at FXR@dyoung.com or LEJ@dyoung.com.

Furthermore, we will also be glad to provide any assistance or guidance as regard logistical arrangements if you have been moved to a different location for your EQEs.

Informals Education Coordinators


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