Open Letter from the CIPA Informals Regarding the UK Venue for the EQEs

Please find below a copy of the Open Letter which was sent Thursday evening to CIPA’s Chief Executive, CIPA Council and the EQE Examination Secretariat.

We are aware of a notice being sent out this morning from the EQE Secretariat to everyone who had been reallocated to Munich confirming that everyone who wishes to sit the EQE in Walsall is now able to do so, and should communicate by reply E-mail to the Secretariat by 10 AM GMT, Monday, 28 November 2016. Please be aware that no response means that you wish to maintain your original request and thus will be reallocated to Walsall.

This in no way changes our opinion on the situation, and further reflects the lack of communication regarding organisation of the 2017 EQEs in the UK. We are aware of the fact that many people have already taken steps to re-arrange their travel and accommodation plans for Munich, and this notice in no way compensates the time and money that has already been spent.

CIPA Informals’ Committee Education Coordinators

Open Letter from the CIPA Informals 24 November 2016


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