Surviving or Thriving: Mental Health Awareness Week event

Kilburn & Strode and IP Inclusive are delighted to invite you to an event on Thursday 11th May, during Mental Health Awareness Week.

The event will cover what steps we can each take to thrive, rather than just survive, by looking after our mental health and building resilience to cope with the demands of life.

This event is open to everyone, including fee earners and support staff. We encourage as many IP professionals to attend and hopefully take back insights and learning to their places of work.

Where: Kilburn & Strode, 20 Red Lion Street, London, WC1R 4PJ

When: Thursday 11th May from 5.30pm. Panel discussion and Q&A will start at 6pm, close and refreshments at 7pm

Reserve your place: here  

Ryan Pixton, a Trade Mark Partner at Kilburn & Strode, will be our host and our panel are:

Dr Lianne de Maar is one of the most highly experienced private doctors in London and is a Partner at Blossoms Healthcare – a private GP practice and Occupational Health provider based in the City. Lianne has an interest in psychological wellness and in women’s health, with a post graduate qualification in women’s health and a diploma in Occupational Medicine. She delivers both individual and small group seminars to help increase awareness of the physical effects of psychological stress and improve resilience.

Dr Bill Mitchell is a clinical psychologist. He works with contemporary cognitively based psychological approaches to treat anxiety states, depression, stress reactions and chronic fatigue states. He has a particular interest in treating work related psychological difficulties recognizing that many people work in circumstances that can easily lead to the loss of any balance to life which increases the potential for them becoming exhausted or ill. He also works as a consultant to a number of companies and professional service firms; he leads workshops on such areas as Managing Yourself, Resilience, Managing Personal Change. He lectures on the Kings College London MSc programme on Mental Health Studies and he is a visiting lecturer at the London Business School.

Emily Collins is a UK Patent Attorney at Kilburn & Strode.  At Oxford University, where Emily studied Physics, she co-founded a mental health awareness campaign “Mind Your Head”, aimed at starting a conversation around mental health to reduce the associated stigma.  Emily has continued to work in the field since leaving university, with the aim of spreading the word that it is ok to talk about mental health.  Emily has been involved in a number of initiatives directed towards improving access to mental health services.  She is now interested in mental health in the workplace, both the promotion of mental wellbeing at work and what employers can do to support employees. 





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