UKIPO Visit with the Informals – June 2017 – trip report

UKIPO Visit with the Informals – June 2017

On 1st June, 9th June and 15th June, the UKIPO and CIPA Informals committee organised three successful visits for CIPA members to the UKIPO in Newport.  After places getting fully booked within 10 minutes of the announcement, 72 lucky CIPA members were able to see the UKIPO office, enjoy numerous activities and meet Examiners and other staff members.

The days were split into morning sessions, lunch and afternoon sessions, both sessions having a selection of workshops, presentations and lectures.

CIPA members were warmly welcomed by Patent Examiner Kris Wojciechowski and Associate Patent Examiner Becky Lander and given an introduction and details for the day ahead. This was followed by a presentation on Accelerated Litigation process given by Steve Probert (Deputy Director) and Alison Illing (Patent Examiner and Legal Advisor).

An activity which was enjoyed by all the members was the interviews with the Patent Examiners. This allowed trainees to get an insight into the world of a Patent Examiner and receive answers to popular patent prosecution procedure questions from a Patent Examiners point of view.

Patent subject matter which was covered was the recent changes to the Patent Legal Practice covered by Sarah Baker (Senior Legal Advisor) and Patentability of Computer Programs covered by Russell Maurice (Senior Patent Examiner).  This was mostly positively perceived, however due to the popularity of both subjects, member’s feedback indicated that they would have liked to attend both.

A break was provided in the form of a buffet lunch, which allowed CIPA members to speak to Examiners and staff members freely, and most importantly it allowed everyone to get to know each other.  This was a great opportunity for trainees to speak to each other and network.

The last activity and the highlight of the day for majority of the members was the claim drafting workshop. In fact, the claim drafting workshop was such a hit that it has been requested to make them longer (the sweets provided were very much appreciated!).

The visit ended with closing remarks from Kris Wojciechowski and Becky Lander and pleased CIPA members departing.

Overall the visits were a great success, thank you to everyone who attended; we look forward to holding the event again and welcoming more CIPA members next year.


The UKIPO and Informals committee is dedicated to make the visits as productive and insightful as possible. We kindly received feedback for this year’s visit. Below are some comments, which both the UKIPO and Informals committee appreciated:

‘’I found the visit to be really worth a while and a good learning experience’’

‘’Great day, thank you for organising’’

‘’All lectures were relevant and really well presented’’

‘’The small groups for the sessions with the examiners were great, it meant everyone felt comfortable to ask questions they wanted.’’

‘’The visit was excellent!’’

‘’Thank you so much to the Informals for organising such a great trip. I found it to be incredibly useful to meet both attorneys and examiners. Especially to do the claim drafting workshop in a mixed group of both.’’

‘’The session with the examiner was really interesting as I hadn’t appreciated how an examiner approaches a case, and how long they spend on it.’’

‘’I especially enjoyed the lecture on patentability of computer programmes as it is very relevant to my field. The lecturer was very engaging and I found that everyone who attended really enjoyed this lecture.’’

‘’Would recommend to other trainees – was especially good to have Examiners in the claim drafting work shop. This really let me see claim drafting from an Examiner’s point of view, which will definitely help me in the future.


Kind Regards,

Sanam Habib

Informals Patent Liaison Officer



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