CIPA Informals Foundation Lectures 2018

The CIPA Informals Foundation Lecture series will begin on Monday 8th January 2018 and provide an introduction to many of the topics covered by the Foundation Exams.

The lectures will take place in CIPA Hall at 20-23 Holborn and will begin at 5.30 PM.
They will also be streamed live via webinar (details on how to access these to follow).

After the lectures we will all be heading to a nearby pub which will provide a good opportunity to meet other trainees and chat to the lecturers!

The timetable for the lectures up until the end of March is as follows (April-June lectures will be announced nearer the time). Any changes to the timetable will be posted on the Yellowsheet blog so keep an eye out!

We look forward to seeing you there,

Rebecca, Chris & Jian Siang
Foundation Lecture Organisers

Date Topic
8th January Introductory Lecture
15th January Patent Searching
22nd January Patentability and Excluded Matter
29th January Novelty and Inventive Step
5th February Priority
12th February Biotech Patents
19th February Claim Construction & Scope of Protection
26th February Amendments
6th March (Tuesday) EPC
12th March Claim Construction & Scope of Protection
19th March Infringement
26th March TBC

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