Message from the PEB – Examination Registration Window Now Open

The registration window for the PEB October 2018 qualifying examinations is now open. The registration form is available here.

The closing date for receipt of a correctly completed form and the money paid on an invoice issued to you after the form is received is Friday 20 July.

All examination dates, fees and other information can be found here.

Anyone who is unable to sit examinations FD1, FC2 and FD4 taking place on 1 and 2 October 2018 due to religious observance of Jewish Festivals, is invited to contact the PEB at to discuss possible alternative arrangements.

The sample scripts from the 2017 examination series with the examiners’ annotations are now on the PEB website here.

The Law Update is now on the PEB website here.

Please note there is a change to the PEB refund policy for Qualifying Examinations which now reads:

Withdrawals from Qualifying Examinations

If a candidate withdraws from any Qualifying Examination at any time, the fee paid is neither refundable nor transferable after receipt by the candidate of confirmation of registration, with the following exceptions:

A full refund will be given to candidates who:

  • withdraw from FD2 (P3) or FD3 (P4) within one month of the publication of the EQE results;
  • enter for the PEB English Law (FC2) examination and are subsequently granted an exemption before the examination takes place.

If you wish to withdraw from FC2, FD2 or FD3, please contact the PEB.

Please note in submitting an entry for any PEB examination you are agreeing to the published policies.


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