2013-14 Committee

Honorary Secretary Andrew White
Treasurer Alicia Instone
Social Secretaries Aleks Piotrowski, Barbara Durling and Matt Kilner
Sports Co-Ordinator Ruth Telfer
Yellow Sheet Editor Parminder Lally
Education Co-Ordinators Emily Dodgson and Simone Ferrara
Tutorial Co-Ordinator Steven Scott
Lecture Organiser (Foundation) Miranda Kent and Thomas Hamer
Lecture Facilitator (Foundation) Miranda Kent and Thomas Hamer
Lecture Organiser (Advanced PEB/EQE) Mark Saunders
Moot Organiser Katie Oliver
Regional Secretary (Birmingham) Florian Bazant-Hegemark
Regional Secretary (Cambridge) Parminder Lally
Regional Secretary (North of England) Ellie Purnell
Regional Secretary (Oxford) Seth Roberts and Ben Oakley
European Secretary Leythem Wall
Patent Office Liaison Phil Merchant

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