Meet the Team (2015-16)

Ever wondered who these strange individuals are who call themselves the Informals Committee?  No?  Well, here they are anyway.

Click here to see a list of Informals Honorary Secretaries since 1929!

2015-2016 Committee Members (from October 2015):

Honorary Secretary Ben Charig
Treasurer Henry Muttock
Yellow Sheet Editor Emily Collins
Social Secretaries Kate Voller, Duncan Bull
Sports Co-Ordinator Freddie Fulton
Education Co-Ordinator Miranda Kent
Tutorial Co-Ordinator Sophie-Beth Aylett
Lecture Organiser (Foundation) Sara Jane Paines and David Lang
Lecture Organiser (Advanced PEB/EQE) Feng Rao and Laura Jennings
Moot Organisers Roxna Kapadia, David Hobson, Victoria Barker
Regional Secretary (Aberdeen) Faye Campbell
Regional Secretary (Birmingham) Daniel Wolstenholme
Regional Secretary (Cambridge) Gavin Dundas
Regional Secretary (Central Scotland) Stefanie Glassford
Regional Secretary (East Anglia) Chloe Arbisman
Regional Secretary (Midlands, i.e. Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire) Chris Cadman
Regional Secretary (North of England, i.e. Manchester, Leeds etc) Alex Colman
Regional Secretary (Oxford) Samuel Cleary
Regional Secretary (Sheffield) Andrew Lee
Regional Secretary (South Coast, i.e. Southampton and Portsmouth) David Al-Khalili
Regional Secretary (South West and Wales) Simon Carobene
Patent Office Liaison Jonathan Pratt