2014-15 Committee

Meet the Team (2014-15)

2014-2015 Committee Members (from October 2014):

Honorary Secretary Parminder Lally
Treasurer Ben Charig
Social Secretaries Henry Muttock, Barbara Durling and Thomas Hamer
Sports Co-Ordinator Kevin Heritage
Yellow Sheet Editor Emily Collins
Education Co-Ordinators Emily Dodgson and Andrew White
Tutorial Co-Ordinator Sophie-Beth Aylett
Lecture Organiser (Foundation) Rosie Jackson and Alexandra Seymour-Pierce
Lecture Facilitator (Foundation) Rosie Jackson and Alexandra Seymour-Pierce
Lecture Organiser (Advanced PEB/EQE) Miranda Kent and Amy Auger
Moot Organisers Daniel Sizer, Lara Sibley and Anne Gilbert
Regional Secretary (Birmingham) Daniel Wolstenholme
Regional Secretary (Cambridge) Gavin Dundas
Regional Secretary (Scotland) Stefanie Glassford and Kate Adamson
Regional Secretary (Midlands, i.e. Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire) Sara Holland
Regional Secretary (South West and Wales) Simon Carobene
Regional Secretary (North of England, i.e. Manchester, Leeds etc) Alex Colman
Regional Secretary (Oxford) Seth Roberts and Gabor Zombori
Regional Secretary (Sheffield) Andrew Lee
Regional Secretary (South Coast, i.e. Southampton and Portsmouth) David Al-Khalili
Patent Office Liaison Simon Binnie

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