Join the Informals’ Committee

The Informals’ Committee is made up of trainee patent attorneys from around the UK, and the Committee members work hard to put on social events, sports tournaments, lectures and training events, and to keep trainees updated on issues that may affect them. The 2017-18 Committee will take over in Sept/Oct this year. Many of the roles have already been filled. However, we are looking for volunteers to take on the following roles:

  • Treasurer
  • Yellow Sheet Editor
  • London Social Secretary
  • Tutorial Co-Coordinator
  • Sheffield Regional Secretary

(Other vacancies may arise in the next few weeks, so watch out for updates.)

Being on the Committee looks great on your CV and work appraisal forms, and it’s a chance for you to represent the student body of CIPA! If you would like to join the Committee or would like to know more about a particular position, please get in touch with Harry:

Emily Collins
Yellow Sheet Editor


UKIPO Visit with the Informals – June 2017 – trip report

UKIPO Visit with the Informals – June 2017

On 1st June, 9th June and 15th June, the UKIPO and CIPA Informals committee organised three successful visits for CIPA members to the UKIPO in Newport.  After places getting fully booked within 10 minutes of the announcement, 72 lucky CIPA members were able to see the UKIPO office, enjoy numerous activities and meet Examiners and other staff members.

The days were split into morning sessions, lunch and afternoon sessions, both sessions having a selection of workshops, presentations and lectures.

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Informals Social – Birmingham – 30 August

Join us for the last Birmingham Informals social before exam season kicks into gear! Come and get FREE pizza at:

            The Stable, John Bright Street, Birmingham, B1 1BE

            30 August, Wednesday

            5.30 pm onwards


This event will be kindly subsidised by CIPA Informals. Hope to see you there!

Becky Lovell
Informals Regional Secretary

PEB notice on the FD4 syllabus

PEB have issued the below update on the syllabus page of the PEB website:

As you will know the Supreme Court has recently handed down its judgement in Actavis vs Lilly ([2017] USC 48). This is a landmark decision and, as such, will form the basis of all infringement analyses henceforth. However, as the decision was handed down less than 6 months before the date of the 2017 Final Diploma examinations it is NOT applicable to the 2017 FD4 exam.

If you have any questions on the UK exams, contact any one of the Informals committee  or email the PEB.

Emily Collins
Yellow Sheet Editor

IP Inclusive/CIPA webinar – “Imposter Syndrome” – 19 September

Save the Date!

What: an IP Inclusive/CIPA webinar on “Imposter Syndrome”
When: 19 September

What is Imposter Syndrome?  It’s that feeling that you don’t belong; that you’re not good enough to be there; that sooner or later you’re going to get found out.  It can prevent you from achieving your true potential or contributing effectively to the groups you work in.  

The webinar will include information on how to identify and overcome Imposter Syndrome – in ourselves, and in those we manage.

More details on the event will follow soon, and below is a bit more information about Impostor Syndrome.

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Notice from PEB: FD2 Examination Question Paper 2017

The following notice has been published on the PEB website:


In October 2017 the FD2 Drafting of Specifications question paper will be marked out of 120 instead of 100. This will be advised to candidates on the Instructions to candidates in the examination.
The percentage mark to be awarded will be calculated and notified to candidates. This change has been made to better reflect the demands of the different sections of this particular paper.
The PEB would like to reassure candidates that:
• The format and length of the paper is no different to previous years.
• Candidates are not expected to write more to gain the same outcome that they would have achieved had it been marked out of 100.
• The paper is not harder than previous years.
For the avoidance of doubt all other PEB qualifying examinations will be marked out of 100.

Cambridge social – 19 July

Trainees and newly qualified attorneys in and around Cambridge are invited along to the next Cambridge CIPA Informals drinks event!


When: Wednesday 19th July 2017

Where:  The Mill, Cambridge

Time: 6pm onwards.


Come along to enjoy a drink and hopefully soak up the sun by the Mill Pond. As usual, the event will be kindly subsidised by CIPA Informals!


I hope to see you for a drink on 19th July!




Cambridge Regional Secretary

South West Event: Cardiff – 21 July

Vicki Strachan of Wynne Jones IP will be hosting the next Informals workshop session, entitled “Design filing strategies and on-line patent searching”:

“This workshop session brimming with practical advice for trainees of all levels will commence with a talk exploring design filing strategies and things to look out for, with a focus on EU designs, the Hague International filing system, and the particulars of filing in the US, China, Korea and Japan. You will then be whisked away on a tour of the best practice for online patent searching. This part of the workshop will look at how to maximise the potential from espacenet, patentscope, and the national patent registers, in order to help inventors during the design process determine the potential scope of protection available for an invention and pre-empt an Examiners’ objections.”

Times and Locations:

12:30 to 13:00 – Buffet lunch in the Capital Law Building, provided by Wynne Jones IP

13:00 to 14:00 – “Design filing strategies”

14:00 to 14:30 – Coffee break

14:30 to 15:30 – “On-line patent searching”

15:30 to 16:00 – Discussion, more coffee and questions

16:00 onwards – Pizza and drinks at The Stable, subsidised by CIPA

The meeting room can hold up to 20 people, so places on the workshop will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Please reply to this email by return to confirm your place as soon as possible.

If you are unable to make the workshop but would like to meet up with us for food and drinks afterwards, please feel free to join us at The Stable from 16:00 onwards. Please let me know if you are coming so that I can book the right size table.

Best wishes


South West Regional Secretary

Mentoring Scheme: UK exams


Did you fail FD4 in 2016? Have you now failed it twice or more?

Do you intend to sit the examination again this October?

The Informals Committee is working with CIPA to offer mentoring if you have repeatedly sat one of these papers, to try to boost your self-confidence and help you pass the exam.

If you are in this situation and you would like help preparing for the 2017 exam, please email Informals Mentoring Coordinator Sara Jane Paines ( by 16:00 on Monday 12 June.  The Informals Committee will then work with CIPA to find you a mentor.  Please note that you must already have sat and failed FD4 in 2016, and two or more times without success to be eligible for mentoring.

If you receive mentoring for FD4, the PEB will send you a copy of your marked, examiner-annotated 2016 FD4 script, to try to help you and your mentor identify how to improve your technique for this year’s exam.  This marked script facility is only available for FD4 mentoring.



Did you fail FD1 in 2016? Have you now failed it twice or more?

Do you intend to sit the examination again this October?

If you failed FD1 in 2016, and wish to join the mentoring scheme you will need to use the unannotated copy that was available for download after your results were emailed to you.

If you are in this situation and you would like help preparing for the 2017 exam, please email Informals Mentoring Coordinator Sara Jane Paines ( by 16:00 on Monday 12 June.  The Informals Committee will then work with CIPA to find you a mentor.


In both cases your information will be treated in confidence and will be known only to Sara Jane, your mentor and the PEB (for FD4).  You will not be identified to your employer without your explicit consent.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Sara Jane.



IP Ball 2017 – ticket deadline 17 June!

The deadline for booking your tickets to this year’s IP Ball is approaching fast. We have some great entertainment lined up, a lot of glitter, and only limited tickets left!

To purchase a ticket, please complete this form, or contact should you wish to purchase more than two tickets for your firm/organisation. The deadline for purchasing tickets is 17th June 2017.

For more information and updates on the IP ball, head to the IP Ball Facebook page.

We look forward to seeing you there!

The IP Ball Committee

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