Informals Social: South Coast

Following the success of the curry night last June in Southampton and the cheese and wine night a few months later in Brighton, we’re going to have another social event on 18 March to celebrate end of EQEs and, well, because we can! It’ll be in Eastleigh this time (I’ll continue to alternate the larger events) and it’d be great to see as many of you there as possible. Further details will follow, but we’ll meet at a convenient time for everybody to make it down, and will either book a group go-karting session or bowling, depending on what attendees and their wallets would prefer, followed by some drinks and food of some sort. Hope to see you all there, and please email me at should you have any questions!

David Al-Khalili


Informals Social: South Coast

See below for details of the next South Coast social:

To celebrate the end of PEB exams we’ll be meeting in the Grand Cafe in Southampton (near to the docks) at around 5.30pm on Friday 23rd October, and your first drink will be courtesy of the Informals.

Aside from the late notice (for which I apologise), for those of you who feel you’re a little far away from Southampton to justify coming for a few drinks and not a more substantial event, I completely understand!  We’ll be arranging a larger event at some point in the new year along the lines of our curry night in June and cheese and wine night last month, and it’d be fantastic to see lots of you there!

If you don’t make it next Friday then I hope you celebrate/commiserate accordingly in your own way.  For those of you who do come, I’ll look forward to seeing you!  Feel free to email me ahead of time if you plan to come, or just show up!

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David Al-Khalili


Informals Social: Brighton – 25 September

Date: Friday 25 September 2015
Time: 6.30pm
Venue: La Cave a Fromage, Brighton

It’s that time again – for trainees and newly qualified patent attorneys from around the South to meet and socialise (and optionally, get wasted in the process).  If you know of any trainees or newly qualifieds who live (fairly) locally and did not receive this email, please pass it on to them, and let me know who they are so they don’t get missed off in future.

This time, the event will be taking place in Brighton to change things up a little and give those who don’t live so close to Southampton a chance to meet other trainees and enjoy themselves at the expense of the Informals.  The event will take place on Friday 25 September 2015 and the plan is to meet at La Cave a Fromage (pretty sure that means “Cheese Cellar”, but I take absolutely no responsibility if it does turn out to be an actual cave).  The meeting time will be 6.30pm to give those from a little further away time to get there; although if you’ll be later than that, then it’s no problem, just let me know and we’ll be sure to wait!  Anyway, following plenty of cheese and wine, chances are we’ll head for a local bar until we drop, or until we have to dash for the last train, etc.

This is the last event before budgets get reset, so the Informals will be subsidising the event generously!

Please email me at to let me know you’ll be attending.

Best regards,
Informals South Coast Reg. Sec.

Informals Social: Southampton

I’m reliably informed that no-one is able to resist a good curry, so…

Friday 5 June:
at Grand Café for casual drinks
7.30pm Coriander Lounge at  for curry

Further drinks are likely to follow for those who want them, and if all of this isn’t enough to whet your appetite, the curry itself will be paid for by the Informals!

Please let me know by 29 May if you’d like to attend as I’ll need to book a table

I hope to see as many of you as possible on the 5th!

Best regards,

David Al-Khalili

(Informals South Coast Reg. Sec.)

South Coast Social: Southampton, Tomorrow!

I’m pleased to announce that the South Coast’s first social event will be taking place in Turtle Bay in Southampton on Thursday 5th March from 6pm.Of course, the Informals will subsidise the event, so that everyone will get their first drink free (up to £5).
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